Call for Michigan Archival Association Board Member Nominations:

Elections for new board members will be held at the fifty-second Annual MAA Conference June 23-25, 2010. We will vote on the following Executive Board Officer positions:

Vice President/President-Elect (2 year term)
Secretary (2 year term)
Member-at- Large #3 (3 year term)
Member-at-Large # 4 (3 year term)

If you are interested in running for any of the above positions and would like your name to appear on the ballot, please email the MAA Nominating Committee, Johanna Russ ( and Jamie Myler ( by March 15, 2010. Please identify which position you are interested in and include a short biography.

The membership can also nominate individuals for board positions until 10:30 a.m. Thursday, June 24, 2010. (The bylaws state that nominations must end two hours before the business meeting, which will commence at 12:30 p.m. that day.) As per MAA by-laws, a petition must be presented in support of such nominations and must include signatures from at least 10 current MAA members in good standing.


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