OCLC Seminar Opportunities

To Michigan libraries participating in the Library of Michigan’s
FirstSearch group subscription:

The Library of Michigan subscribes to the FirstSearch® Base Package on
behalf of all Michigan libraries. This subscription includes two
services: WorldCat Local “quick start” and CONTENTdm “quick
start,” both available at no charge to Michigan libraries through the
end of the State’s fiscal year 2011, which is September 30, 2011.

To help you get started with one or both of these no-charge services,
Jeremy Link and Ron Gardner, OCLC Library Consultants, have planned
half-day seminars at three different locations throughout Michigan for
you to learn the complete details about WorldCat Local “quick start”
and CONTENTdm “quick start.”

To learn a little more about WorldCat Local “quick start” and
CONTENTdm “quick start,” visit:


Half-day Seminars

[12:30-1:30 PM] WorldCat Local “quick start”

* * * * * See a demonstration of WorldCat Local’s powerful discovery
features that enable library users to more easily find and interact with
electronic materials, licensed databases and journals, locally-digitized
content and physical items.
* * * * * Also, see the connections to delivery services, like link
resolvers and resource sharing options, that help users take the steps
to access the content they need.

[1:30-4:30 PM] CONTENTdm “quick start”

* * * * * See and discuss the Michigan successes using CONTENTdm,
including their management of their digital projects, improving access,
gaining increased visibility and meeting end- users needs.
* * * * * Handouts will enable you to go back to your library and ( 1)
Signup for your own institutions’ activation, (2) create your first
digital special collection, and (3) search and use your digital
resources, and thus promote them to your constituents
* * * * * Overview of OCLC Digital Collection Services, which will
include the OCLC Digital Archive for preservation of your digital
masters/original and the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway for
increased visibility of your digital items.

1. Tues, October 26 [Western part of Michigan] GRAND VALLEY STATE
2. Wed, October 27 [Central part of Michigan] MIDWEST

3. Thurs, October 28 [Eastern part of Michigan] CRANBROOK



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