Background: The Kentwood Historic Preservation Commissions mission is to engage in and encourage others to engage in the preservation of historic resources within the community for the benefit of both present and future generations. Over the past several years the Commission has been working on several projects that include compilation of Oral Histories, conducting a Barn Survey and collection and archival of Historic Objects, Artifacts and Photographs. The Kentwood Heritage Room in Kent District Library, Kentwood Branch, houses a significant portion of these resources. With that in mind, the Historic Preservation Commission has decided to prepare an inventory and archiving system to provide easy access to the information on these objects and documents to the interested members of the public.

Current Status: The collection of artifacts, reports, photographs, and media in the Kentwood Heritage room was been roughly inventoried in 2004/2005. A good number of the Oral Histories are in digital audio format. Several documents are in digital format. Given that, there is a strong need to have all these documents organized so that all the resources can be easily catalogued for record keeping as well as public access purposes. It is especially critical since the Heritage Room has moved into expanded space within the new Kentwood Library.


1. Heritage Room Organization and Archival Assessment of KHPC resources
-Evaluate and modify as required, physical
organization of the resources
-Assessment of archival needs for KHPC resources
-Identify archival procedure for KHPC resources
-Identification and procurement of necessary
stationeries for archival needs

2. Resource Cataloging
-Design and refine methodology for cataloging
-Organize resources and ready them for cataloging
-Catalog resources

The intern will be working under the supervision of Esther Middlewood, chair of the Historic Preservation Commission.

The Historic Preservation Commission has no funding available for the project and is looking for a student or a group of students looking for an experience to work on a real project. The Commission would duly acknowledge the contributions of all the participating students and certify their work for credit with GVSU.

If you are interested in this project please contact:

Terry Schweitzer
Planning Department
City of Kentwood
Ph: (616) 554 0710 Fax: (616) 698 7118


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