Call for Submissions: Spring 2017 Issue of Open Entry

Attention MAA Members, the editors of Open Entry are now seeking submissions for our Spring issue. The deadline for this issue is Friday, February 17.

We are looking for the following:

CONTENT. Here are some examples of content and topics we look for:

  • Repository news items
  • Information about new or interesting collections
  • Students: Let us know about what you are working on as individuals and in student groups
  • Articles and Reports about Michigan archives, archivists, or the archival profession. For example, special projects, events, exhibits, tours, grants received, conferences or workshops attended.
  • Reviews of books, articles, or websites
  • Archivists in the News – about Michigan archivists’ comings, goings, and achievements
  • World War I: including lists of or articles about your World War I collections, activities surrounding these collections, or other observances of the conflict

PHOTOGRAPHS. Especially of images that complement your news items or articles. Please send your photograph as a separate .jpg or .tiff format attachment.

  • If you have a “Mystery Photo,” let us help you broadcast it for possible identification!

Please email submissions to Submissions can be text within your email message or attached as a Microsoft Word document. Typical article length ranges from 200 to 1,200 words.

If you have questions about what to write, or how to write it, we are happy to work with you. Just email us at

Again, that deadline is Friday, February 17.

Thanks and best regards,
Open Entry Editors
Cynthia Read Miller
Troy Eller English
Lindsay Hiltunen


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