Adopt an Archive!

In the past, MAA has committed resources and funding to support the cause of continuing education for our members and those interested in archives. In 2008, the MAA board has decided to formalize this support and created the Adopt-an-Archive program. We are currently relaunching the program designed to help our members and other small archives within the state who are in very small shops with minimal resources and staff.

As part of a revised process for the “Save Michigan History Grants” which are administered by the Michigan State Historical Records Advisory Board, grantees will be required to partner with an archivist prior to applying for the grant in order to get some advice on basic archival procedures and policies. These are grants of up to $2500 for smaller institutions.

The project hopes to partner our members who have experience and resources to share, with those who could use some help with collection management. However, the program is not just designed to offer assistance, it is also designed to benefit Michigan’s archivists and historical researchers.

The project has two goals; the first, as stated, is to help our fellow archivists, but secondly, volunteer consultants will expand their knowledge of Michigan’s resources and enhance their own professional development. Ultimately, everyone will benefit from improved identification and access to local historical resources throughout the state that will result from this project.

We need people who, either on their own time or as an institution supported –professional development function, can volunteer to visit one of our members in a small archive, local history room, or historical society to share their expertise. We also need members who would like someone to “adopt” them to consult about processing, conservation, and electronic access and description issues.

Please fill out the application forms so we can match repositories with volunteers.
Respository application
Volunteer application

If you have any questions please contact:

Cynthia Ghering

Michigan State University
Archives & Historical Collections
101 Concord Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-432-4434
ghering at msu dot edu



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