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The Michigan Archival Association is administered by four elected officers, a conference coordinator (currently vacant) and a board of six directors selected from among the membership. Normally, two board members are elected at each annual meeting. Board members serve for three-years staggered terms of service. Between the President, Vice-President and the three Members-at-Large, the staggered terms insure that at least four experienced people will be on the board each year.

Board members and officers meet at the call of the President on a quarterly basis, or as needed. Each board member is asked to actively participate on at least one standing committee among the several that exist with the Michigan Archival Association. MAA members may attend the board meetings, and can contact the President for the meeting schedule and agenda.

A call for nominations listing open positions will be issued by the Nominating Committee Chair via email to the MAA membership, and through the MAA website, several weeks prior to the annual meeting of the Association.

Nominations may also be made by the membership and brought to the floor at the annual business meeting through a petition signed by at least ten (10) members and received by the MAA Secretary at least two (2) hours before the business meeting. Be sure to review the MAA bylaws, and check the annual meeting program for the specific time and date of the business meeting.


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