Celebrating Tom Powers at the Bentley Historical Library

In early January Tom Powers will retire from the Bentley Library after
45 years of service as head of the Michigan Historical Collections
within the library. During those years he has worked with hundreds of
students in the processing room. On November 30 we will have a
special symposium and celebration honoring Tom. At that time we would
like to present him with a book of letters of appreciation from all
those who have at one time or another worked at the Bentley—or who
have known him in any other capacity. Please send by mail or pdf
(e-mail is OK too) a letter of appreciation on 8 ½ x 11 letterhead to
Diane Hatfield, Bentley Library, Univ. of Michigan, 1150 Beal Ave, Ann
Arbor MI 48109 or to dhatfld@umich.edu. We must have your letter
by September 26 so that it can be assembled with others into a bound
volume to be presented to Tom on November 30. We are sending this
message out on the usual professional lists—however please spread the
word to anyone you know or remember working with here at the Bentley
Library. We want as full a response as possible.
On November 30 we will have a symposium and reception from 3:00-6:00pm
that will honor Tom as well as Bill Wallach and Jim Craven who will be
retiring that day. An invitation can be found at:
In all—we are celebrating 139 years of service to the Library and the
University. So, please respond and please come!
Many thanks —-Fran Blouin


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